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Closed Listings for 7/16/18 – 7/19/18

Check out these listings that the great realty experts at WV Realty Pros have closed recently! From Shady Spring and Ghent to Oak Hill, we closed them in no time. Getting your Beckley, West Virginia real estate and home sold fast is our number one goal! Ready to sell your home fast or looking to buy? Call us now at 304-256-0900.

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Closed Listings for 7/2/18 – 7/13/18

Check out these listings that WV Realty Pros have closed so far for the month of July! Our realty experts have closed these great listings in Beckley, Ghent, Daniels, Crab Orchard, Shady Spring, and Pineville. Getting your Beckley, West Virginia real estate and home sold fast is our number one goal! Ready to sell your home fast or looking to buy? Call us now at 304-256-0900.

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Closed Listing for 6/4/18 – 6/8/18

WV Realty Pros was able to sell this listing in Beckley for one of our clients this week! Getting your Beckley, West Virginia real estate and home sold fast is our number one goal! Ready to sell your home fast or looking to buy? Call us now at 304-256-0900.

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Closed Listings for 5/28/18 – 6/1/18

It was a very busy week for WV Realty Pros! We were able to close these five different listings for our clients in Beckley, Daniels, and Ghent. When it comes to buying and selling houses in the Raleigh County area, be sure to choose the professionals at WV Realty Pros. Give us a call.

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CLOSED Listings 5/11/18-5/17/18

WV Realty Pros has had a very successful week closing for our clients in Daniels, Shady Springs, and Sophia. When you’re looking to buy or sell your home let the Professionals at WV Realty Pros help you.






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Tip of the Week – Condition Counts

Make sure your house in good condition!

There are probably many other sellers who are willing to sell their house at the lowest price possible, for a quick sale.

To have an upper hand, it’s best you leave the house in good condition at all times. You can have a termite and home inspection prior to listing and have repairs done in advance. Imagine how interested the buyers will be when they find out that there’s little or no repair to be done. This leaves a good impression with buyers.

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Tip of the Week – Youtube

Have your agent post a video of your house on YouTube.

Get a Flip cam that’s not too expensive and tour round your home and neighborhood.

Talk of all the exciting moments you had in the house and all the fun you had with your neighbors, your favorite coffee shop, etc. Most buyers will like to know that a home housed so many interesting memories. It helps them look forward to being in it and creating their memories too.

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10 Inexpensive Ways To Enhance The Value of Your Beckley WV Home

If you are thinking of selling your home in the Beckley WV, Crab Orchard, Glade Springs, or Flat Top Lake area but are afraid it will not sell or it will take a lot of money to get ready to sell it, then think again. Using my 10 Inexpensive Ways to Enhance The Value Of Your Beckley WV Home will allow it to sell faster and for more money. Using these tips coupled with me listing your home and marketing it everywhere it is as good as sold. Ready? Let’s get started today!

  1.  Clean Up and Remove the Clutter – If your home is filled with clutter, clean it up and remove it. Potential buyers need to see a home that is clean up and inviting.
  2.  Remove Furniture – Too much furniture in any room will make them look small. Less furniture means more spacious rooms. If need be rent a storage unit to store the furniture in until your home is sold. If necessary replace a few choice pieces to enhance rooms and give them a fresh look.
  3.  Trim the bushes and trees – Overgrown bushes and trees hide your house. They give the first impression that the home is not well cared for by the current owners. By trimming them you open up the home to be viewed by all potential buyers. Plus it will allow more light to reach your home brightening all rooms.
  4. Got Hardwoods under Carpet? Rip it Up! Rip carpet up and if necessary refinish the floors. Everyone wants hardwoods! If you have them flaunt them don’t hide them. Doing it yourself will increase your home’s value and save potential the buyers the time of doing it themselves allowing you to reap the rewards instead of giving them away.
  5. Brighten Your Entry and Enhance Curb Appeal – Buyers often make up their minds in a startling 7 seconds upon visiting your home about whether to buy it. We only have one chance to make a good impression. Easy fixes here are painting the front door, repairing anything broken, and replacing door hardware if worn and old. Plant easy to care for seasonal flowers in beds in front of your home and pots by the door to create a warm inviting entry way. A bright and inviting entry is a good first step to getting your Beckley WV Home Sold fast!
  6. Lighten Up – Add lighting and natural lighting to your home to enhance its brightness and appeal. Easy fixes are adding a light to a dark area. Low-cost solar tubes are desirable to add natural light to a dark kitchen or bathroom for little money plus they are eco-friendly giving your home “Green appeal”.
  7.  If it is broken fix it – Removing problems and fixing them will eliminate the problems that arise from a home inspection. Plus if a buyer can see any issues they will start adding up the time and cost of fixing it themselves. A neglected home repair is a glaring sore thumb that gets potential buyers thinking about what else is wrong with your home and will cause them to move on.
  8.  Enhancing Bathrooms – The saying is that kitchen and baths sell homes. You may not have the perfect bathroom, but spending $500 on it can go a long way to fix basic issues. Replacing outdated cabinet pulls, fixtures such as lighting, faucets for sinks and tubs, as well as old frosted glass for clear glass will give your bathroom a fresh look. Nothing kills the good feeling about a bathroom worse than dirt or grim. So clean the grout, remove rust stains, apply fresh caulk, replace the toilet seat, paint the walls and replace the towels. All can make a difference.
  9. Don’t forget the kitchen – Even if you do not have granite and the latest appliances, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house and it can be fixed up for little investment.
  10. Paint Your Walls Neutral Colors – Freshly painted walls with neutral colors help sell a home by allowing the potential buyer to project their ideas on them. Too loud or too dark and all the buyer can think of is what it will take to cover them up. While bold colors may appeal to some, it is best to leave those choices up to them and not impress your style on them. Fresh paint is the single easiest and least expensive way to enhance your home’s value

Using my 10 inexpensive ways to enhance your Beckley WV Home will help it sell faster and for more money. Ready to list your Beckley WV home for sale and get it sold fast? Call WV Realty Pros for homes sold in Beckley WV and surrounding areas for all of 2017 and beyond.