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Tip of the Week – Condition Counts

Make sure your house in good condition!

There are probably many other sellers who are willing to sell their house at the lowest price possible, for a quick sale.

To have an upper hand, it’s best you leave the house in good condition at all times. You can have a termite and home inspection prior to listing and have repairs done in advance. Imagine how interested the buyers will be when they find out that there’s little or no repair to be done. This leaves a good impression with buyers.

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Tip of the Week – Youtube

Have your agent post a video of your house on YouTube.

Get a Flip cam that’s not too expensive and tour round your home and neighborhood.

Talk of all the exciting moments you had in the house and all the fun you had with your neighbors, your favorite coffee shop, etc. Most buyers will like to know that a home housed so many interesting memories. It helps them look forward to being in it and creating their memories too.